Do I have to be home when the tank is pumped?
  - No, you can make arrangements over the phone or leave us a  diagram, but you definitely don't need to be home!
How long does it take to pump out my tank?
 - Depending on the size and circumstances of your tank,    pumping can take  anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour
Do I have to pay immediately?
- You can pay via cash or check at the time of service, or we can send you an invoice 
What is an As-Built, and how do I get one?
- If you aren't sure about the location of your tank, you may need an "As-Built." This document shows the location of your structure's septic tank as it was built, and can be picked up at your town hall.
How often do grease traps need to be pumped?
- Grease traps vary in their service frequency based on the size of the unit and its level of use. We can work with you to determine a service frequency that works well for your circumstances.
How far in advance can I schedule a pumping?
 - You can call to schedule an appointment as far in advance as you wish. We offer recurring appointments to our commercial customers, and can send reminder notices on an annual basis.
Frequently Asked Questions
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